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Microblading by GLAMD launched to meet the demand for a high quality, creditable and reliable program to educate beauty professionals about the art of microblading. Our program is designed for aspiring artists, beauty technicians, cosmetologists, and all those looking for a new career path in the beauty industry. Our tools and curriculum are both inspired by Brittani's own experience, passion for premium grade products and flawless artistry. Education is the key to success and at GLAMD we believe you should never stop learning, which is why we continue to grow our course line up and innovate new products to improve the GLAMD experience.Journey with us through one of our Microblading and Advanced Microshading training programs!

Anna Kudrjasova

Co Founder
Anna, is a business school graduate from Simon Fraser University. She spent the majority of her University years pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities. Mainly focusing on international business, Anna found a niche in global trade and brand development. Her multidimensional views allowed her to merge her interest in beauty and business into one when she joined the GLAMD team!

Ariana Bunting

Educator Coordinator
My career in the beauty industry began shortly after I completed my degree from Aveda Institute Aesthetics. Working with people to meet their beauty goals has been an exciting career... especially when I see them flourish from the results of a treatment! As many know, the beauty industry is competitive and to keep your advantage it is important to keep moving forward and introducing your clients to the newest, and most exclusive technologies and treatments available on the market. Eyebrow microblading has been an industry break through for those wanting beautifully shaped, fuller and yet natural looking brows. Microblading hair-stroke technique has delivered precise and extravagant brows even for those with little to no hair. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be an educator for GLAMD. I look forward to helping you perfect your microblading trade!

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