Mini must haves! This set includes pigments: 26, 30, 32, 33, 36

These 5 pigments are perfect for clients who are not use to having brows, but want them! These pigments straight or mixed together give natural neutral tones with a custom color. NO. 32 is a well balanced light to medium blonde and NO. 30 is a medium-light brown with green undertones. Mixed together you with get a beautiful medium warm brown. NO. 33 is a light blonde with a red undertone. NO. 36 which is a light cool pigment with blue and yellow undertones. Often used to lighten other colors. NO. 33 and 36 mixed together create a taupe color with light undertones. NO. 26 is a rich medium to dark brown pigment. It is a warm pigment containing a lot of red. When mixed with NO. 33 you will get a good medium dark golden brown!


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